The Desire System - 3 Rules You Must Agree To...

...If You Want to Make Any Girl F***

The Desire System is a step-by-step method designed to make any girl F*** with just a flip of the horny switch. It is created by a world renowned and notoriously secretive woman seducer, who cannot be named for reasons you're about to see...

His tactics have become so controversional that numerous feminist groups have given him death threats and demanded he stop teaching his system. This is because one of his former students posted the names and photos of over 73 women on Facebook, showing how he was able to apply the system to leave them in total sexual submission.

In spite of this controversy, there are still a few places allowed in the online test group. The test group is known as the Desire System.

Warning: As a result of the power, you cannot legally gain access unless you agree to the following rules:

Rule 1) You must not use this on women under the age of 18. If you plan to use this on minors, please leave this page right now. This is not for you.

Rule 2) You must not use this to harm women. We have come under scrutiny, as several of our members have used this method to devastate women. You must use this ethically.

Rule 3) You must sign up immediately, places are very limited. We don’t want too many men to find out about the Desire System

You can watch the shocking video by visiting the following link

Here’s what some current members of the Desire System had to say:

Jim Middleton: “Shit! This is crazy, I’m only half way through and I’ve already used it on two different girls. Both have given me their phone numbers, I’ve fuck one and the other one is coming over tonight for a movie. We all know what “Movie” is code for… sexy time! Thank you so much!”

Donald Roth: “I’m a 40 year old divorced man, my wife left me after she cheated on me. I’ve started using this in my online dating – it works so well. I’ve actually got a girlfriend now and she is 32, I like them young hahaha. I’m even more confident with her now, than I’ve ever been with any girl ever. This gives you so much confidence and makes you feel like a king”

Billy Rudd: “I just started College and I feel like the only Virgin on campus. I swear it is killing my chances of getting laid. Heck, one girl even as if I was a virgin because I was so nervous when talking to her. I knew something had to be done, so I grab a copy of the Desire System. It’s amazing, that same girl that ask if I was a virgin is now my fuck buddy at College. My dad told me, while at College to never waste time with a girlfriend. This is the best advice I ever got and the Desire System allows me to do it”

Craig Thompson: “This is the best program that I’ve used. It thought me had to get make a woman chase me in just minutes. I’ve slept with over 5 girls, in just one month – this is more than I have had in my entire lifetime.”

Jake Hersy: “I was able to get one of the first places in the test group, since then, I have had sex with 2 perfect 10s. I mean, these girls are perfect 10 out of 10s and I’m only a 4/10 if I’m lucky. It’s all about what you say and how you act. Your looks don’t mean shit – GET THIS NOW.”

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